WGT Green Speeds - The Inside Scoop

WGT uses a number to define the green speed used when playing a game. This number ranges from 7.4 (slow) to 13 (Championship). The number is supposed to represent how far a ball will roll on a flat green when hit with a known force.   See: Stimpmeter at wikipedia.


The following table shows the green speed numbers passed to
the WGT game client for various 'normal' green speeds:

Label Normal
Slow 7.4
Standard 7.9
Fast 9.0
Very Fast 10.0
Tournament 11.0
Tournament+ 12.0
Championship 13.0



 The fun part:  While most games played on WGT use the numbers from the chart above, there are exceptions. Country Club tournaments created with 'random settings' will use a RANDOM number between 7.4 and 12.9 ! This means you might play in a tournament which says 'FAST' greens for example, but they are using a number of 9.9 (almost Very Fast).  Another tournament labeled 'FAST' may use 8.1!  This may also be true for some WGT public tournaments. Ready-gos almost always use normal green-speed numbers.


Here are the complete range of speeds and the name WGT assigns for them:

Label Speed
Slow 7.4
Standard 7.9
Fast 8.0 to 9.9
Very Fast 10.0 to 10.9
Tournament 11.0 to 12.9
Championship 13.0


 -menotume Dec 28, 2013