Welcome to East Coast virtual country club on the World Golf Tour!  Our aim at East Coast is to become the friendliest, most competitive, most fun spot to play on the wgt!  In short, we encourage good citizenry!

ECCC is currently accepting players on a case by case basis .  Players below Tour Master tier will be accepted provided they show a high level of activity and investment in the game (clubs, earnings etc) or by member recommendation.  For more information please contact ECBonus.       

Membership benefits include:

  • Earn free virtual equipment or credits with the ECBonus program
  • Play regular club tournaments
  • This is a  Golf Club not a place to park you name we expect interaction between members.
  • Fine tune your game or PC settings with advice from club “experts”
  • Use helpful practice tools like the club driving range (Yes we have a WGT driving range) and excel caddy .
  • Skype room for members (no camera or mic needed)
  • WGTLS  East Coast Guild
If you are a member of ECCC, you must login to get access to all members-only content. All club members have an account at this site, but you will need to set a password for your account here: ECCC Member Password (re)set